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For Medical Assistance:
Should you experience a problem reporting your medical information, please contact your Clinic directly. For Medical Emergencies please contact 911 or your local Emergency Telephone Number.
Home INR Monitoring Service Assistance:
For assistance with Acelis Connected Health services or supplies, contact the Support team at:
Tel: 877.262.4669
•Prompt #2 for general issues
•Prompt #3 for meter issues
•Prompt #5 for Supply issues
For Website/Application Assistance:
For technical assistance with the HealthCheck Mobile app or the patient web portal please contact us at:

Tel: 877-354-0395
Email: Click here to contact Acelis Connected Health Support.

Address: 49 Richmondville Avenue, Suite 307, Westport, CT, 06880
European Authorized Representative:
CE EC REP Obelis s.a. Bd Général Wahis 53, 1030 Brussels, Belgium
Tel: +(32) 2 732-59-54  Fax: +(32) 2 732-60-03  Email:
Application Version: 11.2
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